Monday, March 31, 2008

General tips FOR NAILS

1. Do not buff the nails because it would tend to break the nail. When you buff, the nail gets thinner but get smoother and shiny

2. For dry hands glycerin and water is a very good moisturizer

3. Keep away from harsh detergents and washing powder

4. Use gloves when using chemicals

5. Apply Vaseline before you go to sleep

6. Apply hand lotion on the palm and massage with the thumb of the other hand. Repeat it with the other hand. This will help to circulate the blood well.

7. Store nail plish in a fridge. Vaseline would be a good solution for sticky caps: apply it around the cap

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tools you need for a manicure

* Bowl of warm water

* Nail clipper to trim nails

* Cuticle pusher or hoof stick

* Nail file

* Orange stick

* Massage lotion

* Nail polish, base coat and top coat

* Cotton balls

* Hand towel

* Nail polish remover

Friday, March 28, 2008

How to do manicure

Step 1 Remove all nail colours you have used earlier, with cotton balls.

Step 2 Soak hands with warm soapy water

Step 3 Trim nails. (Once you soak you nails in soapy water it would make the process of trimming easy.) Make sure all your nails are in the same length.

Step 4 File nails to get a good shape. Where you are filing do not do it both ways )the seesaw motion). Do it in one direction.

Step 5 Apply a cuticle softener along the nail. Take off unnecessary cuticle. Push the cuticle back extra care.

Step 6 Apply cuticleoil on nail beds and massage well

Step 7 Brush nails in and out to remove dirt

Step 8 Apply cream on hands and massage well

Step 9 Finally apply nail polish according to your taste. Remember to use a base coat to protect your nails from discolouration and a to coat to keep the nail polish for few days. Before you apply nail polish make sure to avoid any cream on nails with an orange stick. Wrap it with cotton, dip in a nail remover and rub on the surface. To get a fine look apply nail polish with three strockes first from the middle-top to bottom and another two on the either sides.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Is Manicure?

Perfectly Manicured, Perfectly Lady Like

Having a beautiful face and an hour glass figure is the dream of every woman. Is that enough for you to be good looking? Have an thought of your feet and handa? Do you know that your hands show your age than you face? Did you know that the colour of your nails tells about your health condition and personality? Your hands are telling for care! Washing cloths, pots and pans using detergents, you name it your fingers will be there to serve you. So, don't they deserve it? As women or men it is important to make yourself look good as it boosts up your confidence.

What is manicure?
It is a scientific way of beautifying your hands to make yourself look good and feel confident. Manicure started about 500 years ago and in India henna was used for manicure purpose. A hot oil manicure is another type of manicure where you use oil to clean cuticle and soften them. This treatment would be best for dry skin and brittle nails. Mineral oil and olive oil can be used for this process. However, this gave us depth information of how you should perform a manicure and the importance of it. Especially as we seem to always forget our hands and feet and give them step-motherly treatment.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rules of foot care

* Wash your feet regularly

* Wear well-fitting shoes and socks and remember never to share shoes or socks with others

* Cut your toe nails regularly

* If possible give yourself a pedicure at home

* Use a foot cream after your regular wash

* Remember you feet plays an important role and you must keep them clean

* If you feel irritation, corns, callosities or warts seek expert advise

* A balance diet is very essential for general good health and should contain 10-12% protien (helps, repairs and replace body tissues), 60% carbohydrates (gives you energy) and 30% fat (gives you a concentrates source of energy)-you could however keep fat to a minimum

* Include variety in your diet to ensure you receive vitamins, minerals and salt

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Natural care for a bright eyes

The first important factor in restoring normal health and sparkle to the eyes is to loosen the strain and contracted muscles surrounding the eyes. The eye muscle and neck exercises mentioned below will help achieve this purpose. All these exercises should be performed while sitting in a comfortable position.

Eye Exercises

  • Keep the head still and relaxed; gently move the eyes up and down six times. Repeat the same movement two or three times after a rest of two or three seconds in between. The eyes should move slowly and regularly as far down as possible and then as far up as possible.
  • Move the eyes six times from side to side, as far as possible, without any force or effort. Repeat tow or three times.
  • Hold up the index of the right hand about eight in front of the eyes, then look from the finger to any other large object ten or more feet away the door or window will do. Look from one to the other ten times. Do this exercise fairly rapidly.

  • Move the eyes gently and slowly round in a circle, then move them low in the reverse direction. Do this four times in all. Rest for two or three seconds and then repeat the movements two or three times, using minimum effort.

Neck Exercises

Rotate the neck (a) in circles and semi-circles, (b) move the shoulders anti-clockwise briskly, drawing them up as far as possible several times, (c) allow the head to drop forward and backward as far as possible, (d) turn the head to the right and left as far as possible several times. These exercises help to loosen contracted neck muscles which may restrict blood supply to the head.


Splash pain, cold water several times on the closed eyes. Rub the closed lids briskly for a minute with a clean towel. This cools the eyes and increase blood supply.


Sit in a comfortable position in an armchair or on a settee and relax with your eyes closed. Cover the eyes with palms, right palm over the right eye and the left palm over the left eye. Do not press on the eyes. Then with your eyes completely covered in this manner, allow your elbows to drop on to your knees, keeping the knees fairly closed together. While eyes are closed thus, try to imagine blackness, which glows darker and darker. Palming lessens strain and relax the eyes and its surrounding tissues.


Massage the eyes with warm vegetable oil (olive or sunflower) helps in getting a smoother look. As the skin around the eyes is very delicate, use gentle movements, without tugging. Start by running the third fingertip from your nose, under the eye brows and in a circle around and under the eye and back to the nose. Repeat the movement using circular rotating actions, keeping them light and gentle.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The natural way to lovely bright eyes

The eyes are a mirror of general health and the most expressive features of the face. Beautiful, bright eyes are a part of radiant health and the best asset one can have. They give a wonderful effect to one’s personality. On the other hand, eyes are an indication of ill-health and a depressed state of mind. During illness, the eyes are the first to tell their story of pain.

Causes of dull eyes
The main causes of dull eyes are mental strain, faulty diet, and improper blood supply. Mental strain, resulting from overwork, worry, fear and anxiety puts a corresponding physical strain on the eyes and their muscles and nerves. Physical strain on the eyes and may also be caused by reading in dim light or in glaring light, or reading in moving trains, buses or cars, watching too much television and films, and excessive reading. Dust, smoke and prolonged exposure to darkness are all harmful to the eyes and should be avoided.

Dull eyes are symptoms of a general toxaemic condition of the body mainly due to excessive intake of starch, sugar and protein. The muscles and blood vessels surrounding the eyes share in the clogging process taking place due to improper metabolism caused by an imbalanced and too concentrated diet.

For healthy and lively eyes, it is necessary that they are properly supplied with blood and nerve force. Any interference with the blood vessels or with the nerves of the eye could result in lack luster eyes. The muscles covering the upper portion of the spine at the back of the neck are the main seat of mechanical intereference with the blood and nerve supply to the eyes.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Natural Treatments for Eczema

The best way to deal with eczema is to cleanse the bloodstream and the body. The treatment should start with a fast on orange juice and water from five to ten days, depending on the severity and duration of the trouble. This fasting will help to eliminate toxic waste from the body and lead to substantial improvement. In some cases, the condition may worse in the beginning of the fast due to the increased elimination of waste matter through the skin. But as fasting continues, improvement will manifest itself.

After the juice fast, you may adopt an exclusive milk diet with beneficial results. In this regimen, you should take a quarter liter of milk every hour on the first day, every three quarters of an hour on the second day and every half and hour on the third day and onwards. The total quantity of milk consumed each day may be six liters. This exclusive milk diet may be continued for four to six weeks or longer, if necessary. Many cases of eczema have been cured or greatly improved by the milk diet, following the juice fast.

Fruits, salt-free raw or steamed vegetables with whole meal bread or chappatis may be taken after the exclusive milk diet. Carrot and musk are particularly beneficial. Coconut oil may be used instead of ghee.

After a few days, curd and milk amy be added to the diet. You may thereafter gradually embark upon a well-balanced diet consisting of three basic food groups namely seeds, nuts and grains, vegetables and fruits. The large proportion of the diet should consist of raw foods. Seeds and beans such as alfalfa, mung and soybeans can be sprouted. This diet may be supplemented with cold-pressed vegetable oils, honey and yeast. Juice fasting may be repeated at intervals of two months or so, depending on the progress being made. In chronic and more difficult cases of eczema, you should fast at least once a week till its cured.

You should avoid tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages and all condiments and highly flavored dishes, as well as sugar, white flour products, denatured cereals like polished rice and pearled barley and tinned or bottled foods. You should eat only pure and wholesome foods.
Raw vegetable juices, especially carrot juice in combination with spinach juice, have proved highly beneficial in the treatment of eczema. The formula proportions considered helpful in this combination are carrot 300ml and spinach 200ml to make 500ml or half a liter of juice.

You should get as much as fresh air as possible. Restrictive clothing should be avoided. Two or three liters of water should be taken daily and you must bathe twice or thrice a day. The skin, with the exception of the parts be affected with eczema, should be vigorously rubbed with the palms of the hand before taking a bath.

Coconut oil may be applied tot eh portions with eczema. It will help the skin to stay soft. Walking or jogging should be resorted to in order to activate the bowels. Sunbathing is also beneficial as it kills the harmful bacteria, and should be resorted to early in the morning, in the first light of dawn. A light mudpack applied over the sites of the eczema is also helpful. The pack should be applied for an hour at a time and should be repeated twice or thrice a day.

In cases of acute eczema, cold compress or cold, wet formation are beneficial. The affected part should be wrapped with a thick soft cloth. The cloth should be moistened with cold water every 15 to 30 minutes for two hours at a time. The bandage should be left intact, keeping the cloth cold. There may be intensification of itching or pain initially but this will soon subside. A cold compress may be applied twice daily for a week or so.

Steam bath may be taken tow or three times a week with great advantages. There are especially valuable while on the exclusive milk diet. Neutral immersion bath lasting for 45 minutes to an hour will also be helpful.

Certain home remedies have been found beneficial in the treatment of eczema. Of these, the use of musk melon is regarded as the most effective. In this mode of treatment, only musk melons are taken three times during the day for forty days or more.

Mangoes are considered another effective remedy for eczema. The pulp and skin of the fruit should be simmered in a cup of water for an hour. This should be then be strained and applied as a lotion literally to all effected areas, several times a day.

The green leaves of finger miller (ragi) are valuable in chronic eczema. The fresh juice of the leaves should be applied over the affected area. Certain liquids have also been found useful as washing lotions for cleansing the affected parts. These include water in which margosa obtained by decanting cooked rice and turmeric (haldi) water prepared by boiling water to which turmeric powder has been added.

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