Monday, December 20, 2010

Henna (mehndi)

Henna can be qused beneficially as a teatment for falling of hair and other hair problems such as dandruff, premature greying and alopecia or patchy baldness. Mustard oil boiled with henna leaves promotes healthy growth of hair. The paste of henna leaves boiled in coconut oil to get a darkish oil, can be used as a hair dye to blacken grey hair. The paste itself can be applied to the hair and washed off after a few hours to dye the grey hair.

Apart from colouring the hair, it is a very good conditioner. Chemical dyes can in fact damage the hair structure, but henna protects it. It also adds beauty, body and bounce to the hair, leaving it supple, shiny and easy to manage.

Henna is also a good cleanser and does not destroy the acidic nature of the scalp. Its paste mixed with lemon juice, egg and yoghurt, is one of the best methods of cleaning and conditioning the hair. It also promotes hair growth and a healthy scalp and acts as an anti-dandruff agent.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rose (gulub -ke-phul)

This flower has a luxurious aroma and has been in use from ancient times. The petals of this flower are used for making rose water, which forms and ideal base for skin tonics. It helps to soften coarse skin. It is used in lotions and creams, for its soothing and gentle action.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Euphorbia (lal dudhi)

The milky juice of this plant is useful in promoting hair growth. It should be applied to the scalp for this purpose.

Fennel (saunf) : This herbs exercises a cleansing effect on the skin especially for deep-pore cleansing. It can be used beneficially in water while steaming the face. It has also been used in herbal hair rinses.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Clove (laung)

This herb has powerful antiseptic properties. It heals and soothes eruptions and rashes on the skin. It is used in medicated creams. It also helps to decrease infection in teeth and freshers the breath.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chicory (Kasni)

Chicory has been mentioned as a special skin beautifier by the ancient herbalists. As tea made from the place blue flowers of this plant was said to give the "plainest maid a measure of loveliness by her bright shinning skin". According to a legend, chicory got this reputation because of a beautiful woman whom the sun wished to marry. But she spurned him. On her refusal, he turned her into a wild chicory plant and ensured that her fragile flowers would be forever turned towards him, whenever he was in the sky, from dawn till dusk. No one knows whether this legend arose before chicory had earned its name as a complexion improving drink, or after. But the flowers used for making a tea to drink seem to give the skin a healthy glow.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cinnamon (dalchini)

A paste of cinnamon powder prepared with a few drops of fresh lime juice can be applied over pimples and blackheads with beneficial results. The oil extract of cinnamon can be used for massage. It soothes sunburnt skins.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Chebulic Myrobalan (harad or haritaki)

The herb is useful as a hair tonic. A paste of the fruit is boiled in coconut oil till its essence completely dissolves in the oil. This oil used regularly gives vitality to the hair. A decoction made from chebulic myrobalan is a popular hair rinse which Indian women use to blacken grey hair.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Castor (arandi)

The oil from castor seeds massaged over the body, before having a bath, is said to keep one's skin healthy and imparts sound sleep. This oil bath may be taken once a week. Applying castor oil bath may be taken once a week. Applying castor oil over the hands and feet before going to bed keeps them soft. Its regular use as a hair oil helps the growth of hair and cures dandruff. Its regular application over the eyebrows and eye-lashes keeps them trim and improves their looks.

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